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JakobCorvinus and Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize have something in common. They are centered around the same person.
wilhelm-raabe-schriftsteller-grJakobCorvinus was the pseudonym of one of the greatest German novelists – Wilhelm Raabe and the Prize is German literary award given to current writers with an intention to pay honor to Raabe’s lifework and support German literature.
Wilhelm Raabe was a German novelist born in 1831, died in 1910 in Braunschweig. His literature work strongly influenced spiritual life of his readers at the time leaving great mark in German literature. He published early works under JakobCorvinus pseudonym and his first book “Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse” gain significant publicity among readers of that time.
raabeporWanting to pay honor to Raabe, share the memory and values of his works and promote German literature, the award named after him was established in 1944. This prize was irregularly awarded for almost fifty years when founders decided to modify it slightly according to policy changes in cultural aspects. The prize was revised in 2000 and for the next nine years it was awarded every second year. Since 2009, it is awarded annually.
_DSC4148redThe donor of the prize is the City of Brunswick partnering with Radio Germany. Every year in November, these two institutions organize a jury consisted of nine members – eminent literates, journalists and other professionals from the world of literature. The rules do not allow writers to nominate themselves. Each member of the jury nominates two chosen titles that fall under the category – prose written in native German. The works are nominated as influential, high-quality narrative literature. After the nominations, the jury selects preliminary list and debates those works one more time.
Sandmeyer-up-closeOne title will be picked up from the narrowed list and rewarded as the best and the most representative current contemporary German literature work. The only condition is that winner’s literature work must have been published sometime in the current calendar year.
Since the last revising in 2009, Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize amounts 30 thousand euros. This rates it among the most significant awards given in the field of German literature, along with Georg Buchner and Joseph Breitbach prizes. Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize is, also, among the most significant ones due to its renown. Nominations for this prize come as some sort of annual overview of the most influential active writers, according to the judgment of professional critic.
20121107-233502The ceremony takes place in November, the birth month of Wilhelm Raabe. Producer of the program of Germany Radio is the official speaker of the jury and the whole ceremony is usually followed by memorable atmosphere and a good time all participants have.
If making ambitious plans to give a shot and try to gain jury’s attention and respect and possible aim for this year’s Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize, you have several months left to meet the criteria.
This year’s nominations and the ceremony are already announced as the special upcoming event, some changes and pleasant surprises are implied and the public is predicting and discussing potential winners.

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