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93cbb26c372b3107f3275991c89914a3v1_max_755x425_b3535db83dc50e27c1bb1392364c95a2In 2015 writer Setz J. Clemens achieved the right and was rewarded the Wilhelm Raabe Literature prize. The winning novel was Clemens J. Setz’s  “The hour between woman and guitar” providing him with 30 000 euros that were donated by the city in Germany called Braunschweig and local radio station. Ulrich Markurth, the major of Braunschweig, who is also the director of a radio station that goes by the name Dr. Willi Steul, had his final say in this and approved the proposition of the jury.

Conference-centerThe team of the jury for the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize, which is held on 1. Of October, consisted of 9 high esteemed members: Dr. Gerd Biegel, who is the president of the International Rabbe-Gesellschaft event, Dr. Anja Hesse(Culture and Science of Braunschweig’s deputy major) Thomas Gaiger ( from Literary Colloquim of Berlin), Alexander Cammann( from DIE ZEIT magazine), Sandra Kegel(FAZ association’s head staff member) Dr. Hubert Winkels( from local German radio station) Dr. Renate Stauf( Germanistisches Institute’s member also known from TU Braunschweig) and the freelancer critic Kristina Maidt-prong.

42495All jury members agree that reviewing novels nominated for this prize award, must be done a certain amount of care and perfect sense for story writing. After reading and carefully examining every page of 1000 pages novel “ The hour between women and guitar” they agreed on making this the best novel that deserves the right to be the winner of Wilhelm Raabe Literature prize. There is more to just a good story; it has to relate to the event’s origin writer. The important thing is that the novel has to pay a certain amount of respect toward Wilhelm Raabe’s work. The work he provided for German literature not only richens it but also pushes the limits of other writers in his time and continues to do so to this day. With more Raabe inspired writers German literature is bound to expand its horizon and achieve great heights in literature sense.

The prize for this award is among more significant ones, right after the Georg Buchner Prize and Joseph-Breitbach’s prize. With 30 000 thousand euros to motivate the writers, along with the respect the Prize brings with fellow writers the jury states it is more than enough to set the writers in the perfect mood for creating the best novels of German literature history.

330113_1_lightbox_Wilhelm_Raabe_1901Wilhelm Raabe’s pseudonym JakobCorvinus is rarely known among the public, but true fans and writers who are inspired by Wilhelm Raabe’s work know this important detail that brings more to the story of his life and work.

This prize is not only about gaining fame and glory for current novelist and writers in general; it is a way of paying honor to Wilhelm Raabe’s lifework and also about supporting the German literature.

Wilhelm Raabe lived in the 18th century, and his individual work was greatly awarded. The town of Braunschweig literature board members, along with radio station, are the writer’s most dedicated fans as they contribute most in inspiring other writers to look up to Raabe’s work.


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